Hybrid V/S Native Application

Jul 2019

Hybrid Application is defined as “the applications that are written in the same technology used for websites and mobile web application and it is hosted run inside the native container on a mobile device”.

Native Application is defined as a “software program that is developed for use on a particular platform Because a native app is built for use on a particular device and its OS, it has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software”.

Comparison Between Hybrid v/s Native Applications:

Cost: The cost of Native Applications is more than hybrid applications because native applications are developed on multiple platforms.

Performance: Native App can access device functionality, elements, etc.. for instant usage so this may have a faster response rate.
Hybrid App: It’s Performance-based on Internet Connectivity and browser performance.

Distribution Channel: Apps are hosted in the app store of the OS which allows the leverage showcasing features and ranking for both native and hybrid applications.

Device features Utilization: Native app has access to all devices APIs and can leverage all device functions.
Hybrid apps supported by some devices APIs but there are some devices that can not be accessed by Hybrid Applications.

User Interface: Native app is developed for the device so it is very user-friendly. On the other hand there some restrictions on the app due to cross-platform operability.

Code Maintenance: In native application common code cannot be used for all the devices but in Hybrid Application single codebase can be used across platforms.

Recommended Users: Native Applications that need to be developed on a single platform, an app that requires a high optimization level and native UI feel.

Hybrid app Users that want to use a wide variety of devices and that need to be able on the app store

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