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Our banking and finance solutions add worth to the Banking sector, financial organisations, insurance companies,…

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Our banking and finance solutions add worth to the Banking sector, financial organisations, insurance companies, with the Digital payments, Net banking, Mobile banking and help them to stay connected digitally.

We take the authority to strengthen and clarify the complex procedure and bring forward the consumer oriented solutions to meet the market trends.

Difficulties in Construction

So, here is the platform, where you say"Good Bye" to all your Problems and we help you accomplish what you desire.

Enhanced mobile banking engagement

financial institutions are working on new ways to create a simple and engaging first step for the mobile banking customer. Ansdso , are providing easy ways to leverage the camera within a smartphone to facilitate account opening.

Expand mobile first capabilities

Using the GPS and photo capabilities inherent within a smartphone, we provide unique capabilities that enhance the customer experience and provide potential revenue opportunities for financial institutions.

Acentria Business Values

Collaborate with us to avail the latest technologies like VR, AR, and 3D to enhance the user experience. Our solutions are stellar and enough up to the mark to be able to get you the benefits of the elevating technology levels.

Comprehensive Approach

We have a comprehensive approcah for the real-estate companies by providing them the desigred Web & Mobile app solution. We develop the solution in such a way that it would delivers great business results.

Robust Solution

We user real estate owners with the right path for selling their properties that satisfy their customers. We create the user interface in such a manner that makes it easy for their customers to sort through online listings.

Latest Technologies

We develop the website and mobile apps by using the lastest technologies like 3D & VR. These technologies provide the advance view of the property for the customer to review.

Technologies we love

Our Solutions

Acentria has a team of highly qualified and creative IT Professionals. We have obtained unique experience and built a very strong team of web and software developers.

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